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Victoria University (VU Guaranteed)

All Year 12 Students are eligible to apply for this opportunity.


Please note in addition to adding your course to VTAC please also apply direct via:


VU Guaranteed Closes Friday 11th October

CASPER - compulsory for all undergraduate Education courses

CASPER must be taken prior to receiving an offer:

If you wish to be eligible for the early offer round on December 18 then you must take CASPER on one of the following dates:


Friday 6th September (10:00 am)

Wednesday 25th September (7:00 pm)

Tuesday 15th October (8:00 pm)

Sunday 17th November (11:00 am)

If you wish to be considered for Round 1 January Offer then the final date is:

Tuesday 10th December (8:00 pm)

 Full details at -